Cool ways to report an adoption

Cool ways to report an adoption

Before we got married, my husband and I went to prenatal counseling sessions. At the time, my young, dumb man was only swearing that the whole six-week process would be a waste of time. We have met for years! But in fact, there were things I didn't know about my soon-to-be-expected husband. And I really got a lot out of these meetings. One thing I discovered was that my husband and I were both very open to the idea of ​​adopting a child. We both agreed that we would like two bio children and adopt a third. We were very idealistic and specific in those days.

In any case, now that my oldest child is in third grade and my youngest is in kindergarten, I have an increasing idea of ​​adopting a 6- or 7-year-old child. I do not know whether we will choose this path in the near future, but if we do, I know that we will be happy to announce our new journey in a fun way. I like to be prepared, so I've rounded out 15 ways to announce acceptance in case you're waiting for the same decision.

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