Increase your creativity with these fun baby craft kits

Increase your creativity with these fun baby craft kits

If you ask us, the best way to love crafts forever is to start with children and build a world of homework when they are very young. Most of the craft kits you will find are actually for kids who are a little older, not toddlers, although many kids from the age of two or three are curious about DIY projects. So we decided to gather links to some stunning sets of creativity and learning-based crafts sold online so we can compare and compare them.

The perks of craft kits

Exploring what your young children love and introducing them to techniques and activities is a great tool for craft kits. In addition to teaching new skills in an accessible way, they are also an acceptable way to try something and see how children react. The kits have everything you need to create something together, making the whole process easy so you can just focus on creative entertainment.

Types of craft sets

If you've never browsed children's craft kits before, we think you'll be one very much Really pleasantly surprised to see how many there are. Some of them are based on learning, while others teach hand-eye coordination. Some of you provide enough inventory to create a project once, while others teach you new skills and give you a tool to keep using. It just depends on the type you choose.

If you're having trouble choosing which craft kit might be best for your baby, check out this list! We reassured some of the pros and cons of the top ten kits we found online below.

1. Fansteck button art toy

Fansteck button art toy

If you are looking for something based on art, but reusable, clean and simple enough for a child to do it themselves, then Fansteck maybe you have the right set or you're off the bat This little button art kit helps with color recognition and hand-eye coordination, allowing your child to insert small plastic buttons into the holes to create an image. It has 12 different fun templates and enough colored buttons that you will still have a lot if they lose a couple. You even get a case to save it all.

As this kit has many small parts, we recommend that you make sure that it is well tidy after each use if there are younger siblings around the house. Small pieces, such as buttons, can cause choking in younger babies.

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2. Tara Toy Disney Princess necklace activity set

Tara toy disney princess necklace activity set

Do you already have a small fashionista on hand, even though your kids are really still very young? Then perhaps the best idea is a jewelry making kit. This from Tara toy is friendly to young children because its beads are larger than most, its plastic "thread" is easy to put in the holes, and the charm of the princess is easily recognizable from popular children's movies,

This project can be: little a challenge for young children, when you have to put all the beads in the way you want, without losing them from the other end, before the ends are fixed. Follow it and be ready to help.

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3. Melissa and dough decorate your own set of wooden princess sticks


Do your little ones like stories about fairies and magic more than anything? If they also like to paint, then you will probably cope well with this set of wooden crafts Melissa and Doug. In addition to a handle and a wooden star top that you can glue together, the set includes a paint brush, glitter glue, ribbons and gemstone stickers – all designed to help you decorate and personalize your magical fairy stick.

It is worth noting that this kit does no include the glue needed to glue the top of the request to the handle instead of adding some embellishments. You will need to remove the glue separately.

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4. Water drawing mat and water magic pencil marker set

Betheaces water drawing mat and aquaa magic pencil marker set

If your kids are huge fans of painting, but you can’t be there as often as they always want to watch the mess, here’s a great neat alternative from Slaughter. This specially made carpet has a white surface that reacts with water to obtain color. The set includes two pens with a sponge, some stencils and some visual drawing lessons that will show your children how to "paint" fun animals.

The sponge pen tips in this kit need to be replaced again as they are in use, so your children will be while they use this kit, keep a cup near the water. Beware of wet spills while they work.

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5. Melissa & Doug decorates her own wooden car set

Melissa & doug decorate her own wooden car set

Did we really get your attention with the idea of ​​painting a tree because your kids are great at crafts that they can continue to play with when they’re done, but you don’t think they’ll want to create a fairy stick? Then check out these car and truck kits from Melissa and Doug instead of. Instead of gluing decorations, you work here mainly with stickers and paint, but still have the pleasure of working with mixed materials.

When everything is done, the truck wheels will have to be placed in the truck's cargo tanks using the attached wooden pins. This part may be too hard for most babies, so be prepared to help this part.

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6. Melissa & Doug decorates her own wooden train set

Melissa & doug decorate her own wooden train set

Are you still fascinated by the idea of ​​painting wooden toy vehicles because your kids are complete lovers of anything that moves, but did you know that they like trains more than anything? Then this bundle from Melissa and Doug probably your best bet. This time you get the car and the train in one place, but the rest of the set is the same combination of wood, paint and stickers that you liked so much.

Again, you will have to act as the wheels are replaced on the spot in the car and on the train. Otherwise, your children may be able to handle the rest of the job on their own.

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7 Fashion package with a set of 10 paper plates

Fashion pack of 10 paper plate art sets

The art of paper plates is a common children's classic, but it's easy to figure out how to turn plates when you do it yourself. Instead, look at this whole set of paper plate art from Here's the fashion which teaches you how to make your plates for different animals. This set has googlas eyes, all kinds of stickers and pre-cut pieces of paper to decorate your animals.

When the ten set plates are spent, that's almost all you can do with it, because they are the substrates. The cutting techniques learned turn into ordinary paper plates very easily if your children ever want to make one of these animals.

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8. Designed paint sponges and apron set

Designed paint sponges and apron set

Do you still think about how much your kids love painting, but you want to teach them all the different techniques that will help them learn more about it? Then you will love this eccentric sponge painting set from Evneed. It has all kinds of textured rollers, push buttons, sliders and a few brushes to make sure they can create any type of image. It even has a full coated apron that will protect their clothes, including the sleeves.

As with any painting project, you may want to cover your workplace before starting work. In addition to the usual dirt that can be caused by paint, sponges that are excessively saturated are a common risk of splashing.

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9. Paved mosaic sticker art set

Paved mosaic sticker art set

If you remember that you loved the stickers as a kid, but also remember that it’s sad that you couldn’t use them when they stuck together, here’s a set of Pavement it will be really intrigue you. Instead of being permanently sticky and disposable, these stickers are specially made to stick and remove the special plasticized sheets they come with. It allows your kids to create as well as change all the different scenes and backgrounds in the pack.

Although plastic pieces are quite durable, it is important to encourage children to treat them with some care. If they are really pulled at an awkward angle, the labels may stretch and warp.

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10. Alex Toys paper bag doll set

Alex toy paper bag doll set

Did we engender your curiosity when we talked about classic children’s crafts made from household items like paper plates, but would you like to see even more sets? Then maybe this paper bag doll set from Alex Toys will be right in your alley. This set includes colorful paper bags, pre-cut paper shapes and all kinds of sticky decorations to help you create a series of funny paper bags for animals. It even shows you how to make each one using kid-friendly visual instructions.

Once you've turned five bags into something, it's pretty much a set, even if you have more pieces of paper left. However, you can try the techniques learned again by purchasing more paper bags separately and helping the children to transform them.

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Safety in crafts

Although most craft kits on the box recommend an age group, each child has different options. We simply recommend that you choose things that involve details and techniques that you know your child can use safely, at least under your supervision. With small children, be aware of small pieces that can pose a choking hazard, sharp things, and any accessories that can cause more confusion than you expected when they are in small hands.

By sets

Did your child especially love one type of craft, or did he keep asking you to make something more when the whole set was finished? Consider the skills the kit used and what it helped them do. The chances are good, there's a widely used craft technique that you can use to continue to help your child learn as he or she grows so he or she can develop great DIY skills. If nothing specific stood out as their favorite, but you still enjoyed being creative together, you can always try more sets!

Do you know another nimble parent who has been looking for stunning, kid-friendly handicraft sets to buy so they can share their love of creativity with their children? Share this post with them so they can browse in all sorts.

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