Fun cupcake designs for July 4th

Fun cupcake designs for July 4th

When it comes to cooking our annual Fourth of July pancakes with friends, we are always those who offer to prepare and bring dessert. There is simply something so satisfying when you make a sweet treat from scratch and see how it brings joy to the faces of family and friends! However, being as agile as we are, we are sure it will not surprise you that we are always looking for DIY ways to decorate or make everything we bake to make it look as fit in the event as possible. So lately, we’ve been watching a variety of fantastic recipes and decorating techniques for making Fourth of July cupcakes! That's what we were asked to take with us through the hose this year, and we plan to make them the holiday cupcakes we've ever served.

In case you like the idea of ​​making some awesome DIY Fourth of July cupcakes as much as we do, if not more, here are the 15 best ideas to decorate the designs and flavors we've come across so look for good recipes!

1. Red velvet Fourth of July cupcakes

Red velvet fourth of July cupcakes

Maybe you’re really pretty new to the idea of ​​baking and decorating cakes, so you’re really looking for something classic and simple, but at least want to keep the color scheme? In that case, we would absolutely suggest looking at how The usual season made these red velvet cupcakes with white whipped cream ice cream, topped with blueberries!

2. Swirled the fourth of July cupcakes

Swirl the Fourth of July cupcakes

Do you really know that around July 4th you will have to hurry, so you are thinking of making only the same regular cupcakes that you always make, but you are looking for a simple DIY to add some flair to them? In that case, we would absolutely we recommend checking as Midwestern mom filled their icing tube so that the resulting top layers swirled in red, white and blue.

3. Fireworks


If you’re going to dress up their cupcakes tops to match the Fourth of July theme, would you rather go out for everyone and really make them very unique? Well, if you like marshmallows at all, we think you'll get the real way out of the way Oh, nuts made their cupcakes look like fireworks by dipping marshmallows in red melted chocolate and adding a bit of licorice shoelace as a fuse!

4. Cupcake flag with berries and coconut

Cupcake flag with berries and coconut

Instead of adding even more sugar to your cakes than they already contain, especially when they are icy, would you prefer a version that has at least a little fruit? Well, if you're also interested in following a color scheme, we think you'll love it Good housekeeping blueberries, strawberries and chopped coconut were used as toppings to make cupcakes that are easily arranged into a deliciously sweet American flag!

5. Triple chocolate, double graham S’more cupcakes

Triple chocolate, double graham s & # 39; s more cupcakes

Instead of making Americana themed cupcakes Watch for example, if they are themed on the theme of the fourth of july, would you really choose to make only a fragrance that is reminiscent of nice summer memories of childhood around this time of year? In that case, we would absolutely we invite you to look at how Hummingbird high made these triple chocolates, double graham S’more cupcakes instead!

6. Fourth of July layered cupcakes

On the fourth of July layered cupcakes

To be completely honest, has icing always been your favorite ingredient in almost every cupcake? In that case, we have the feeling that you will see it really enjoy the road The Gunny Sack made these red, white, and blue layers of cupcakes, which involve slicing each into three pieces and then stacking them back together with the icing in those colors to stick them together!

7. Grilling and grilled hot dog cupcakes

Grilled grilled hot dog cupcakes

Do we have really you caught your attention with the idea of ​​making all sorts of news cupcakes that follow the theme of Summer Independence Day BBQ, but you're not sure the idea for the fireworks we showed you earlier was the right one because you've never liked marshmallows? Then you will probably get more from the sidelines The love of life Liz made these funny cupcakes that look like hot dogs on the grill.

8. Patriotic hi-hat cupcakes

Patriotic hi hats cupcakes

Are you really a pretty experienced baker, so you’re looking for a motivated decor idea that’s a little more challenging than some you’ve seen so far? In that case, we would definitely suggest looking at how I am a baker made these fourth of July hi-hat cupcakes! They will show you how the tops of ice cups can red, white and blue layer and then carefully dip each cake in melted chocolate.

9. Pavlovas berry top cupcakes

Pavlovas berry topped cupcakes

Since you are known as the best baker in your group of friends, would you better focus on something unique and delicious rather than simply to make things match the color scheme? So why not do both? We actually made these completely mouth-watering pavlavas and berry-topped cupcakes from A cookie called a wish in real life and we couldn’t cope with how fast they went! The use of red and blue berries makes them look like this too.

10. Patriotic pinwheca cupcakes

Patriotic pinwheca cupcakes

Maybe you've delved into the world of cake decorating a little more carefully and tried to use your skills when making things like decor details from fondant? In that case, you just might be the perfect person to try these adorable fourth of July pinwheel cupcakes! Cake blog step by step shows how nice and clear they are done.

11. Red, white and blue confetti cupcakes

Red, white and blue confetti cupcakes

If you've never made confetti cupcakes before, we're here to tell you you're ready for a real treat! We are obsessed with the easy way Sprinkle with cookies added red and blue spots to the vanilla cake mix to get a color scheme sponge, creating an icing swirl with the same colors at the top and even adding a small toothpick flag to get a good measure!

12. Red, white and blue artificial snow cone cupcakes

Red, white and blue artificial snow cone cupcakes

Have you ever made miniature or bite sized cupcakes? Well no, now is the right time to start! We are completely obsessed with this path Bakerella made these adorable little cupcakes that look like patriotic snow cones, thanks to the way they are iced, candied and made in paper spice glasses.

13. Twizzler firecrackers cupcakes

Twizzler firecrackers cupcakes

Did we really get your attention when we started talking about cupcakes that look like fireworks, but did you really think about the actual exploding fireworks, not just the unlit version that we showed you before? In that case, we think you will find that this concept of an exploding fireworks is described step by step. Taste Lizzy T could be a little more in your alley! We appreciated how they used the partially peeled Twizzlers to make it happen.

14. Blueberry and strawberry Jello poke cupcakes

Blueberry and strawberry jello poke cupcakes

If you have never made a Jello bun cake before, we are here again to say that you have lost it again! Taste and tell is here to show you how to not only make cupcakes with small delicious red Jello stains in the middle of a white vanilla sponge, but also how to top it with white butter cream glaze and decorate with blueberries!

15. Fourth of July cupcakes filled with ice cream

Fourth of July cupcakes filled with ice cream

Even if you were looking for different ideas for a cupcake, as you are neatly Since you've chosen a patio party, have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have cool treats there, just to make everyone feel fresh? In that case, we think you will just act I adore road Seriously eat I made these ice cream – filled Fourth of July cupcakes that give you the best of both worlds and follow the color scheme for today!

Do you have another favorite type of Fourth of July cupcake that is always a huge blow to your BBQ? Tell us all about it or link to the recipe in the comments section so we can give it a try too!

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