5 best canister vacuums for your hardwood floors

5 best canister vacuums for your hardwood floors

We understand that buying a vacuum cleaner doesn't seem more exciting than a task, let alone a moment when you need to use it. But we also understand that these are important everyday needs that need to be reliable and functional for your home. Today, we focus on our hardwood floors, and which tank vacuums make cleaning a little more acceptable. And you’ll probably learn some more quick tips and tricks in our middle of today’s selection, scroll and check it out!

What is a canister vacuum?

Most of us are well versed in vacuum design. They stand straight, they can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver, unless you are used to working with the box design. These models are quite slightly lighter and easier to work with in terms of mobility. They are also equipped with a variety of traditional features, including bag and bagless, wired and cordless, as well as a variety of suction and filter protection.

Let us teach you a little more about these less traditional models. They make it a little intimidating, but we promise your hardwood and tiles will tell us thank you later.

Why They Are The Best Hardwood Floors

Canister vacuum cleaners are best for working with hardwood floors – and less so with carpets with a large pile. They come with soft bristles (or no bristles at all), high power suction to remove any pieces of dust left in these wooden compartments and knobs, and convenient handling when hard work arrives. These models help maintain shine while removing dirt and debris from its dwelling houses.

And there really is a reason for these cans to be in place of vertical models. These designs allow us to maneuver without stress, but they are still stabilized with high-capacity power and a container so that all dirt is tightly sealed. Although these vacuum cleaners may not be the most compact, they are best when it comes to physically cleaning this type of floor.

What to look for when buying?

There are several areas for tank vacuum cleaners that you should look into before milking your wallet. To keep your hardwoods free of dust and dirt, check out these features:


Some tank vacuums operate slightly lower than others. And depending on your flooring depends on how much of this heavy-duty spirit you really need. Yes, it all depends on whether you have a carpet or solid wood – the type, size and amount of dust and dirt you encounter on a daily basis (such as pets and non-pets, for example). These energy-efficient options tend to break down dust on hard surfaces, making it easier to remove debris – while the carpet is easier to push and pull with more power.


Some models have HEPA filters. This makes the vacuum even more efficient by removing a lot of dust or even potential pollen tracks. Keep this in mind if you feel as if your home could benefit from this extra level of cleaning. Good suction is needed to catch dirt and debris hidden between wooden boards and cracks, but what else?

Bag versus bagless:

It really is a matter of personal choice. Do you want to clean or change your bag so often? Or do you want a model that filters the tank without a bag? In any case, you will need to replace or empty – it's just the ones you find easier and better to manage. Although you save a little extra money by using models without a bag, bags usually keep more dirt and release less dust during cleaning.


How far do you have to carry or move the vacuum? You may want to go with a heavier model if you don't have to climb several floors, but if you do, you may want to provide easy mobility to make your day-to-day work a little easier.

Brush roller:

Be sure to buy a vacuum with a brush roller with soft bristles or no brush at all. You don't want the floor covering to be scratched every time you clean it. These rollers are perfect for carpeting and debris removal, but you don't need the same function when focusing on solid wood.

Cord versus wireless:

Again, this is about personal preferences and the place you need to cover. You'll find canister vacuums available in both editions, so it really depends on the level of your cover to create enough mobility in your home's floor plan. Don't think about shopping thinking you have to go cordless, although most designs have more than enough cord for cleaning.

1. Eureka Mighty tick-driven vacuum

Eureka's mighty mite contains a vacuum

Eureka Mighty tick-driven vacuum is a compact design that contains the power and tools to do any job. This is one of the most versatile models on the list for cleaning various floors and coverings. Keep in mind that this is really the perfect design for cleaning hardwood or tile floors. And while it's a tank vacuum, it's incredibly easy to store when not in use.

Characterized by 20 feet. power cord, you can easily maneuver near the house while doing work, and it includes brush rollers needed to sweep the carpets. It is also incredibly easy to empty the dust bag, as well as purchase additional bags from the initial purchase. This car also has some of the highest customer ratings!

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  • Powerful brush rollers
  • Other special tools included
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • Over time, the tools may become loose

2. Miele Complete C2 hard floor vacuum

Miele c2 hard floor vacuum

Take a look Miele Complete C2 hard floor vacuum to ensure movement and quiet cleaning of your home. Due to its lightweight design, it is easy to carry between several floors, but you know that you get extremely strong suction, as it is characterized by a vortex motor. Another important plus is the model's filtered system between the Miele Airclean GN dust bag, the Super Air Clean filter and the closed system design, you will be sure that only clean air will escape from the vacuum during operation – the main plus for those concerned about allergens.

The purchase also includes additional tools such as a crack tool, a wallpapering tool and a dust brush, making every job a little easier every day. You can even adjust the height of the hose handle so that anyone who wants to get the job done can do it without having to bend their backs.

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  • 6 setting suction control
  • Lightweight design
  • Filtered system


3. Bissell Zing box vacuum

Bissell zing box, vacuum 2156a, green, without bag

For those looking for a bagless option, look no further than this Bissell Zing box vacuum. Known for its power, the model easily removes dust using its cyclonic technology, which provides continuous suction for both hardwood and carpet. It also has a lightweight design that makes maneuvering around the house much less stressful.

Remember that it is a bagless design, so the feature we like most is the Easy Empty Dirt Cup, which ensures trouble-free cleaning after cleaning. Other features include: multi-surface floor tools, crack tool, dust brush, automatic cord rewind and air flow regulator.

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  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Washable, reusable filters


  • It may be difficult to assemble

4. Bissell hard floor expert multi-cycle vacuum

Bissell hard floor expert multi-cycle vacuum

Here is another Bissell design we know and trust (and remember that with every Bissell purchase, a portion is donated to the Bissell Pet Fund). Bissell hard floor expert multi-cycle vacuum has a lightweight, compact design that is easy to maneuver but easy to store even after the vacuum cleaner is made. It is a powerful machine with a tank and a specialized solid flood turbine foot, specially designed to collect pet hair, dirt and other debris from all these wooden cracks and fissures.

There is a metal telescopic baton that makes the manual part of this task easier to operate and easier to get up under this larger piece of furniture. Its multi-cycle technology provides powerful suction and includes a myriad of cleaning tools that allow you to control a variety of jobs in this model.

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  • Multi-cycle technology
  • Model without bag with emptying bucket
  • Turbine foot mounting


5. Severin Germany Nonstop Corded Vacuum

Severines in Germany in direct piston tank vacuum

Finally on our list is Severin Germany Nonstop Corded Vacuum. This low-noise bagless option is one of the best options for cleaning hardwood floors and carpets – it's a great way to spend money. It was characterized by a powerful, high suction capacity thanks to its multi-cycle technology (as we mentioned earlier with other models).

Although you won't spend money on bags, there is still a wonderful filtered system for those who are worried about re-releasing allergens during cleaning. This design features HEPA filters, so the machine's exhaust air is cleaned and filtered up to 99.95% – which means that dust mites, pollen, mold, spores and odors are not emitted. There are also a variety of tools you will receive with your purchase, including: XL Parquet Nozzle – For all types of hard floors, three-piece accessory kit: interior / furniture / crack nozzle in a practical fabric bag, 35-inch long XL-easy touch telescopic tube and 6 & # 39; XL Premium suction hose.

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  • Low noise during operation
  • Various tools included
  • Bags are not required


  • Tools may not work 100%

Other tips and tricks for ensuring clean hardwood floors

In addition to the strong vacuum that makes the dirty work the dirty, you will want to take other precautions to keep these hardwood floors clean. It really takes more than a week to vacuum. These beauties should be kept in standard shape and left shiny. And it's too easy to manage without too much difficulty. Here are some easy-to-follow tips and tricks to make sure you're doing:

  1. Use carpets: Make sure you have door mats both outside and outside the traffic door. This will limit the amount of excess debris that enters.
  2. Follow the policy without shoes: It's easy to complete and keep track of. Just set a household rule that shoes should never be worn inside. You can buy a show, a basket or a tray to keep your boots and sandals tidy.
  3. Wet-Clean Sometimes: Do a good, damp cleaning of hardwood floors about every other month. Bona hardwood floor cleaner or something similar will help you do the tricks. This is also a good time for light, polishing to make them shine.
  4. Cleaning compositions at home: When it's time for wet cleaning, think about cleaning chemicals and use a natural cleaning mix at home. Four cups of warm water with a few drops of dish soap will do the trick!
  5. Dust every day: We do not talk about using or polishing vacuum cleaners, instead we recommend cleaning the dust every day. Anything as simple as a dry Swiffer sheet can do the job and provide a clean floor every day.


Well, there you have it. These are 5 of the best can vacuum cleaners you can buy for hardwood floors. Remember that the main purpose of a vacuum is to clean the floor and depending on what kind of home floor you have, it depends on the type of vacuum in which you should invest. Canister vacuums may not be what we are all used to. at home, but overall they really work better on bare floors than your vertical models and will spread scatter less often. For places without carpets, you will want a model with easy movement and soft brush rolls, which can be found in our favorite list above.

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