10 of our best DIY recycling projects: art, decorations and more!

10 of our best DIY recycling projects: art, decorations and more!

There are many things around your house that you can grab and create something new. Don't believe us? We have compiled a list of all our best DIY recycling projects. This includes some works of art that kiddos can make. It includes some decors to complement different occasions with. And some more prospects and endings that might delight you. Let's see!

1. Tin Can Simple Desk Organizer

Tin container with wooden flowers

Recycle one of your tin cans simple desk organizer. Or just grab a few and turn them into multiple table organizers to really clean up the space. Decorate them in every way you like and voila! Now you have a place to keep pens, pencils, scissors and the like.

2. Paper plate wood art

Diy paper plate wood art

To be honest, it's such a fun art project for kiddos to get involved. You also don't need too much stock! Some pom poms, pipe cleaners and glue will help you get started. Turn the paper plates over tree art for a rainy Sunday afternoon adventure.

3. Mason Jar decor

Mason jar central element for weddings 2048x1366

Collect all the old Masonic jars and turn them into something functional for your DIY-inspired holiday. They can easily become new additions to your reception's core items or highlight a cake table – or even act as containers to your wishes. Mason jar decor is a true wedding trend!

4. CD Art

An easy way to make a recycled CD

Do you have a collection of blank CDs that you just don't need anymore? Instead of throwing them away, we have a fun idea for you to play with and use your creativity. Turn these old CDs into works of art. CD art is a great way to relax, unwind and indulge in the flow of your artistic juices.

5. Toilet paper roller pencil holder

Toilet roll holder

Don't throw away those pieces of cardboard! Instead, turn them into something for kiddos tables. Toilet paper roller pencil holders actually works really well. And the decoration process is a great time for little ones. Use paint, markers, stickers, wash tape, felt strips, fabrics – really no matter how their heart desires.

6. Beach-inspired Masonic jars

Diy beach inspired Masonic jar decor project 2048x1366

The Masonic jars you collect from your family? When you start decorating, know that you can turn them into pieces of the sea as well. They are great as gifts, shower decorations or fun bits to be poured around your seaside wedding. Check how to cook them beach inspired masonic jars after the jump.

7. Plastic bottle Pom Pom ornament

Plastic bottles pom pom ornaments

Stop it! Do not throw away your water or soda bottles! Create instead plastic bottles pom pom ornament! How adorable are they? Create a Christmas tree inspired by the sea this year. Or decorate each pom pom with a new color for a baby tree in the lobby.

8. Jute Placemat

Diy round jute placemat rustic object

Jute can be easily transformed into some fantastic pieces of cuisine. Trivets, runners and these round jute placemats also! And you have no idea how easy it is to whip them. Kiddos can even help. Just move on to our training and follower. You will have 4, 5 or 6 sets made in a short time.

9. Felt case

Diy simple felt cup case

Stop putting on your glasses around the house, letting them just scratch! Instead, this extra fabric or felt in your craft room can help you. Learn how to make simple felt cup case and add some personalized embellishments to the final design.

10. Paper heart wrapped in thread

Diy yarn wrapped in a paper heart

Whether you want to use it as a Valentine's Day decoration or as a thank you to your children's teacher paper hearts wrapped in thread is so much fun to cook. Use the remaining paper and yarn to create magic. And yes, grab a small house because they can help you.

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