15 traditional Irish recipes that taste amazing

15 traditional Irish recipes that taste amazing

We may not be the best chefs that have ever lived, but we are to do love to have at least a little adventure and try new things when we prepare for our family! Lately, we have found it really useful to start learning about different international dishes from countries around the world; it means we eat more delicious food that we have never tried, and it also means that we need to teach our children about new places they might ever want to visit.

We travel slowly around the world, giving a new country every week and trying several dishes from each place in a few days. This week we decided to "visit" Ireland on our culinary adventures! That's why we turned our eyes to the stunning Irish recipes, which are either typical of the traditional menu, or culturally influenced, or generally popular there.

The best traditional Irish recipes that are delicious

Do you feel as interested as we do, if not more, then the idea of ​​learning to cook traditional or fun themed Irish dishes and treats?

Check out these 15 great ideas, recipes, and tutorials we’ve come across so far, looking for inspiration and guidance!

1. Traditional Irish stew

VIEW IN GALLERYTraditional Irish stew 15 traditional Irish recipes that taste amazing

Even if you don't live in a cold place where you need a good, hearty meal for dinner to warm you up from the inside, as we do, there is still nothing as pleasant as a hearty stew to really fill your stomach for long days at the end. We've been big fans of all kinds of stews for a long time, but this traditionally popular Irish stew recipe is probably the best we've ever tried! Try this recipe, which means w Spruce eats.

2. Traditional salted beef and cabbage

VIEW IN GALLERY    15 traditional Irish recipes that taste amazing

Did we really draw your attention to this idea of ​​cooking a traditional meal that would really fill your stomach, but stew has never been your thing? Then maybe you’re better off with a well-rounded meal typical of a family dinner table with all the classic elements involved! Check out this recipe from History stories to learn how this traditional salted beef and cabbage meal was prepared.

3. Traditional Irish kolcannon with melted butter


If you put in the effort it takes to cook a traditional dish from scratch at home, would you rather try your hand at something zini Has your family never just ordered a menu at a pub before, or has you chosen yourself? If you are also looking for something delicious that will bring a lot of convenience to your loved ones, then we think you just mandatory give this recipe from Popsugar Try the traditional colcannon (potato and vegetable dish) with melted butter.

4. Irish soda bread


In addition to being a cooking enthusiast who really likes to cook on your family dinner table, are you also quite an avid baker? Well, if you've never tried to make traditional homemade bread from another country before, now is the time to start! We'd like to definitely suggest looking at how Midnight baker made this fragrant Irish soda bread.

5. Traditional Irish delicacy (Irish potato cakes)


Did we really get your attention when we started talking about the idea of ​​cooking a deliciously satisfying potato dish, but would you like to have so many options to choose from, if there really are more? Well, Tomato pie is here to say it is! Check out their page to learn more about making these great Irish pancakes (or traditional Irish potato cakes).

6. Dublin kernel (Irish sausage and potato stew)


Are you really such a big fan of stew style food and are you so happy to find a delicious traditional recipe that you can’t help but wonder if there might be several types of stew to try? We think you will be quite happy to know that it is! Absolutely here 's how to make a Dublin kernel, which is an Irish sausage and potato stew that' s a little finer and less stewed than you saw before, just to make things interesting.

7. Salted beef hash and fried eggs


Were you really excited about the idea of ​​cooking corn beef, because it’s a meat you’ve always loved to taste, but also here and there you wondered if you can’t find a breakfast meal based on traditional Irish food elements? Then we think you will get a real path out of the way Cooking and beer teaches you how to cook overcooked salted beef hash with potatoes and fried eggs!

8. Beef and Guinness pies


Do you still scroll through our list thinking about how much you like the idea of ​​cooking meat because they are your favorite dishes, but you are also looking for something a little different than the usual meat or potato dinner? Then we would be willing to bet that this beef and Guinness pie recipe is described in detail Frugal mamma, Eh will be just the thing you were hoping to find!

9. Irish pancakes


Did we really get your attention when we mentioned traditional dishes that you can enjoy at breakfast, but you also took the time to find out if there could be something a little less tasty that you could also try? We are pleased to announce that your patience has paid off! Take a better look at this recipe from Donal Skehan to see how these Irish pancakes with fruit can be prepared surprisingly easily!

10. Bailey Irish cream scones


Have you really scrolled through our list and found that you still think about how much you like to bake, but baking isn’t something you’ve ever felt? Then here is an alternative baking recipe for your consideration! This clear, detailed recipe and tutorial from Suburban soap box teaches you how to cook a batch of warm Bailey’s Iris cream scones topped with a sweet drop.

11. Bailey Irish cream without chocolate cheesecake


Do we have really pay attention to you now when we talk about sweet recipes, because desserts have always been your favorite dish to cook for both and to eat? Then we are absolutely convinced that this next recipe from Also a mummy will be right in your alley! Take a closer look at their training to find out how this Bailey Irish cream chocolate cheesecake was made.

12. Traditional brioche bread and butter pudding


In case you’re still thinking about making desserts, but you’d rather choose something a little more traditional and a little less novelty, here’s another nice idea to consider! We definitely invite you to learn how to do it Kitchen alchemist made this irresistible traditional brioche bread and butter pudding, which tastes best with a little cream sprinkled on top.

13. Green velvet cake


Are you really a kitsch lover who would like to receive news all day long, even if it's a bit of a "tourist" dish instead of something traditional? If you celebrate something positively, it’s not true if you’re making something for purely entertaining entertainment, right? Check out how Popsugar that’s exactly what they did when they made this Irish-inspired green velvet cake!

14. Irish mint cookies


Did you feel almost Sure about the fun, innovative idea listed above, but you just haven’t fully resolved it because, first of all, you’re a fan of chocolate, and this particular recipe doesn’t have enough of your favorite flavor? If you also like the taste of mint things, we think you just mandatory give these Irish mint cookies in detail Reader’s Digest try it!

15. Irish potato candies


Now you have probably noticed that many traditional recipes that come from Ireland are based on potatoes, and if you know anything about the history of the country, then you know why! If you still respect the idea of ​​celebrating things with a little positive news, we think you’ll love these funny little Irish potato candies that Just whipped shows how to cook using coconut powder and marzipan.

Do you know of any other food developer and kitchen enthusiast who loves to try international recipes and wants to try their hand at cooking Irish, but who could use a little guidance? Share this message with them so they have all kinds of delicious food to choose from!

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