15 DIY 4th of July decorations

15 DIY 4th of July decorations

Now that the fourth of July is closer to sight, we are in full mode of organizing a terrace party! Organizing a holiday grill is one of our favorite parts of the summer, and as cunning people, we're sure you can guess how many DIY decor ideas are swirling around our heads right now. We have stayed so then many past Independence Day parties that we can't help but feel like it's time for some new ideas and pieces. So lately we are looking on the internet for more ideas on DIY decors!

In case you like the idea of ​​making fantastic Fourth of July decor as much as we do, if not more, we offer the 15 best ideas, designs and tutorials we’ve come across so far. seeking our inspiration and guidance.

1. Quickly sew a paper star thread

Sew a paper star quickly

If you are a person who even knows the basics of using a sewing machine, but you are also a craftsman who loves to do things a little more unconventional than usual, then we would like definitely suggest looking at how Lija Grifita made these fantastic layered paper stars, all centered together in a thread. Nice and easy!

2. Fourth of July sun catchers

Fourth of July sun catchers

Are you really scrolling through our list, hoping to come up with an idea that your kids can have fun too? Well, if you've never made molten crayon solar collectors before, then we're sorry to say you've missed something fun! Better take a look at this tutorial from Suburban mom to see how these lovely Fourth of July sun catchers were made.

3. Fourth of July burlap and ribbon Masonic jar vases

Fourth of July burlap and bourbon mason jar vases

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more stylish and perhaps rustically inspired because it’s already the aesthetics of your home and you’re hosting a real dinner? In that case, we think you will really appreciate that path My fruit adventures old Masonic jars turned into vases and central pieces using envelopes and red, white and blue ribbon cutouts.

4. DIY paper pinwheels

Diy paper pinwheels

If you are going to make all your decorations, would you also like to make something that not only makes a cute visual, but that your children can also play with? Especially if you like crafts based on paper like origami, then we think you will get a real way out of the way Lija Grifita made these simple paper pinwheels!

5. DIY American flag pillow cover

Diy American Flag Pillow Cover

Did we really get your attention with the idea of ​​using sewing techniques to make some Americana decorations because those are the skills you actually practice the most? Then maybe you would like to create an open sewing project that your friends can use and appreciate! Learn how this lovely DIY American flag pillow was made Country house in Boone.

6. Hand-painted patriotic hand towels

Hand painted patriotic hand towels

Maybe you're still scrolling through our list, hoping to find more bits of decor that's simple enough for your kids to help you? Maybe you're just a craftsman who always prefers to make something decorative and it also has a practical function. In both cases, we have a feeling that everything is fine for you Life sparks made these hand-painted Fourth of July hand towels!

7. Tissue paper pom poms

Tissue paper pom poms

Is your personal aesthetic associated with fun textures and attractive things, and do you want to let it be transferred to your BBQ decor choices? In that case, especially if you like paper projects like we do, we have the feeling that you will really enjoy this path. Lija Grifita made these awesome tissue pom poms hang all over. They even show how each pom pom should be drawn in red, white and blue, as you can see here!

8. Wooden star candle decor

Wooden star candle decor

Maybe the DIY skills you have practiced the most and developed the most are actually those related to wood and a bit of handwork? In that case, even if you're a bit of a beginner, we have a feeling you'll be pretty good at dealing with these wooden star-shaped candle holders, which are outlined step by step. Country style cottage. We think they make great center kids!

9. The fourth of July tin can be winding socks

In the fourth month of July, socks can be twisted in a tin box

Just in case you are still If you are looking for an idea that your kids can get involved in and have fun doing and then show themselves, here is another idea to consider! Enter the cleaned tin can recycling bin and then see how Real coke made these pretty Fourth of July wind socks step by step.

10. Fabric covered foam stars

Tissue covered foam stars

In case you are someone who loves a good dexterous lesson that just allows you to see something nice and nice, here is a little Americana that you can make with simple things from your local craft store! Check out how Lija Grifita used decoupage techniques to coat foam stars with tissue paper after the Fourth of July color scheme.

11. On the fourth of July, the stars of the lawn were painted

On July 4, the lawn stars were painted

If you’re going to host a 4th of July barbecue, are you the kind of person who would much rather go all out and really surprise your guests? In that case, we would absolutely suggest looking at how Concrete house environmentally friendly paint is used to spray the shape of the stars all over their lawn in red, white and blue!

12. Hand-painted patriotic envelope banner

Patriotic wallet banner hand painted

Maybe the idea you liked the most so far is making some kind of banner or thread, but have you done a lot of paper design lately and you just want to work with other material? In that case, we would definitely we suggest you look at the type See Vanessa's crafts made these hilarious oven Fourth of July banners, whose small flags they painted in different patterned Americana – inspired colors and shapes.

13. Painted patriotic flower pot

Painted patriotic flower pot

Is yours very much The favorite craft to do has always been straight-hand painting, and you think that's exactly what you'd like to do to tidy up your patio on July 4th? Then we have the feeling that you will really be very successful Lolly Jane a hand-painted simple set of terracotta planters for your room! We like the way they purposefully complement some sort of rough vintage look, like stylish weather.

14. Sandy Fourth of July Lantern Jars

Sandy Fourth of July Lantern Jars

Are we really quite interested in your two Masonic jar posts? and idea to make a candle ornament or center piece, but you have trouble choosing between the two? Well, who ever said you is a to choose only one or the other? Instead, check out how Thrifty decor chicken combined the two to make these lovely, sand-filled mason jar flag candles!

15. American flag ribbon background

American flag ribbon background

If you’re going to have all the hassle of decorating your home with DIY pieces and craft charms for the Fourth of July, would you also like to make sure you’ve included a nice place for guests to take photos so they really remember the occasion? Then maybe the idea of ​​creating an Independence Day wallpaper you will love! We are huge fans Laughs Latte created just that by adding strips of red and white ribbon to the branch and painting the scarves on a blue body to create a background that looks like the American flag!

Have you already created other types of fantastic DIY Fourth of July decor pieces before everyone at your party loved it, but that you don't see anything quite similar here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it, or engage us with photos of your completed work in the comments section!

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