Lovely DIY dog clothes to make yourself

Lovely DIY dog clothes to make yourself

As lifelong craftsmen, we have had many years to figure out what our favorite crafts are. As it turns out, it's not so much kind in the field of crafts, what we do is as important as it is PVO we create it.

We have always had so much joy in making family and friends that we never thought we would find a much more fulfilled goal than to make our loved ones happy about our DIY skills – until we did something to our dogs for the first time. At that time, we learned about the very real possibility that seeing your best furry friend wear some funny piece of clothing that you made for yourself, it could be the most fun feeling in the world!

That is why we are always looking for new DIY dog clothes that we can try on for our big and small pets.

Do you feel as enthusiastic as we do, if not more, about the idea of ​​making your own adorable DIY dog clothes?

Make dog clothes yourself

Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs and tutorials we’ve come across in search of inspiration and guidance!

1. Dog Carhard's dog fur coat

VIEW IN GALLERYDog coat Carhartt dog coat. Lovely DIY dog clothes to make yourself

Or your dog simply big enough that you're pretty sure one of your teen's old sweaters would fit him without too much adjustment? Of course, any DIY dog clothing will be necessary little A little changing, but this lovely Karhart style dog coat was portrayed in detail Tools it's actually pretty simple to make from a medium-sized sweater, and it only requires a few changes!

2. DIY dog shirt with a ball

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY dog shirt with butterfly. Lovely DIY dog clothes to make yourself

Is your dog much smaller than the fluffy friend shown above, and certainly don’t soon borrow people’s sweaters? Well, especially if you like the idea of ​​adding a little personality to a garment that you are going to make you a fluffy friend, just as fun news, then we think you will really enjoy trying your hand at this little dog. shirt no Hysteria with a funny little bouncer attached to the front!

3. Pet coat from an old plaid shirt


Do we have really you drew your attention to the idea of ​​making a new dog garment from a new old garment that someone in your family no longer wears, but you just aren’t sure you have any hood to wait for? Well, if you find an old plaid shirt with buttons and a collar that no one wears anymore than you have, there is just everything you need to make this nice collared dog jacket with a back pocket, courtesy Sew doggy style!

4. Oded dog jacket from a recycled denim jacket


Did you really carry a rifle through family closets looking for an old hood for your medium or large dog to wear after a few changes, but all you could find was a denim jacket that no one asked for when you asked? Well, believe it or not, you can make a warm dog jacket from it too! Take a better look at the training offered Tools to see how they have transformed old jeans into a dog jacket that is even pleasantly lined and simply warm.

5. Recycled dog sweater from an old knitted sweater


Were you really intrigued by the idea of ​​changing the human hood to a dog jacket, but all you could find was an old sweater, and what you had in mind is a little smaller than the dog you saw before? Well, you’re actually still doing business; you just need to change the process a little! This tutorial from Resweater will be a better guide for you because it teaches you how to work with knitted sweater material more easily, and it also gives you smaller sizes to make the final jacket really fit your most tufted fluffy family member!

6. DIY dog hood


Just in case you’ve really scrolled through our list thinking about how you adore the idea of ​​recycling human clothes into dog clothes, but you’re looking for resources that take into account the fact that your dog is would rather Indeed, this is exactly what we think you might be looking for! A cute dog lover shows in a very simple way how to turn this unused hood into a… good… hood that you are basically just going to put on a dog. There are some changes to the comfort around the arms, but eventually your dog will still look adorable under the hood!

7. DIY dog shirt and skirt from a dollar store baby bra


Are you really still looking for funny things that you can make on your own very much a small dog, but ideas for changing clothes just won’t work because they’re all too big? Well, if you think that a tiny puppy looks adorable in a dress rather than a coat, then maybe you would like to try your hand at this training from Love Pets DIY which teaches you how to make a dog bra and skirt out of the top of the baby bra and bag cutout in the dollar store!

8. Nice crocheted dog sweater


While you’re a well-rounded craftsman who can make all sorts of things, have your very favorite projects really always been the ones that use your crochet skills well? Then we would be happy to bet that this is the next tutorial and guide from Mary's blue chalk is a precisely the kind of idea you hoped to achieve from the beginning. Check out their page to find a crochet pattern for cute dog sweaters in two different sizes.

9. DIY dog dress shirt collar


Instead of dressing the dog in some warm clothes for a walk, would you rather encourage him a little time to show his friendly, charming personality and make his friends laugh the next time you have dinner together? Then we think you will have a complete explosion by trying this tutorial from Fun times to turn old shirts into dog dress collars.

10. Puppy coat sewn at home with fuzzy lining


Maybe you actually live in a pretty cool place that stays out of control in the spring, but you and your dog are big outdoor enthusiasts, and you definitely need clothes that keep him warmer while walking, just because he really gets to enjoy his time to run. , without getting cold and needless to call it, stop prematurely? Well, if you're even a basic sewing enthusiast who can follow at least a simple pattern than we do absolutely we recommend trying this fuzzy lining from Absolutely which will protect your four-legged friend from the cold winds while walking.

11. Small puppy sweater made of recycled socks


Have you recently surprised your children with a brand new, small, puppy who squeaks during their lifetime, but do you really think that a poor baby is a little dazzled every time you have to leave him somewhere to do something? Then we think you might better make one of these adorable little puppy sweaters Toolswhich is actually made of old socks!

12. Lightweight, small dog sweater from a large knitted sweater sleeve


Do you really still scroll through our list and think about how your favorite idea to recycle an old knitted sweater to create a miniature version for your pet has been so far, but your dog is a little smaller than the model you called for, and you Are not sure you have the knowledge to change it yourself? Then we think this nice training for even smaller dogs could be a little more your alley! Vo knits teaches how to make it happen from a sweater sleeve specifically.

13. Insulated DIY dog booties


Does your dog actually already have a small coat to wear, but are you still worried about how he catches a cold because the ground you stay in slippery or snowy most of the year and you are worried that his foot pads will hurt when walking? Then we think these funny, but very effective, small, isolated dog boots might be worth a look! Barley stones shows how easily and quickly they can be made.

14. Funny, frivolous dog scarf


Do we really still think about how much you liked the idea of ​​crocheting something for your dog, but you’re still a bit of a beginner and not sure you’ve gained the skills to make the sweaters we showed you earlier on our list going on? That doesn't mean you still can't crochet any dog ​​clothes! It may seem a little frivolous for your dog to have a scarf, but that's exactly it Grateful prayer, grateful heart is here to teach you how to make, and they have perceived all the frivolity just because the finished look is nice and fun.

15. Lightly sewn dog cape


Do you dog tend to tremble when walking? simply is it enough that you don't want to make him a small jacket to get a little extra insulation, but have you already tried enough clothes on him to know that he won't let him have something covered without his back? Then we think who you really are in the market – a dog coat! This piece (complete with step-by-step training) from Cooking for dogs is a perfect example of what we think.

Have you made other types of nice DIY dog clothes before that you’re really very happy with and still dress your fluffy friend, but that you don’t see anything quite similar to our list here? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it, or engage us with photos of your completed work in the comments section!

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