12 recipes that help make the most of summer vegetables

12 recipes that help make the most of summer vegetables

Unemployment has peaked, the world is collapsing in more than one way, and we are all facing a mental health crisis. What if we turn lemons into lemonades? What if it became a moment when you took the opportunity to change your life and maybe even built a company that could change the world?

Self made is a new program developed by Brit + Co to help you start a new business or grow an existing one. It's time to dream big, and it's time to earn big.

Starts on June 29 and runs for 10 weeks very interactive The virtual course will be personally led by me and my co-founder, Anjelika Temple, and was supported by more than a dozen of the best women entrepreneurs and investors in the country. You will receive personalized training on everything from how to find your passion, how to get out of your comfort zone and, of course, how to get started.

Under this program, we donate 20% of our net revenue Digital without division, an organization whose mission is to improve the economic opportunities of black and Latin women. We also offer 50 scholarships for BIPOC women.

I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait for me to help you learn to work by * my * rules. I can't wait for you to become Self made.

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