DIY Country house window procedures

DIY Country house window procedures

Have you been as excited lately as you are today, like the stylish rustic and slightly vintage-inspired interior and aesthetics of a country house? We cannot say that we are to blame, because we have sat them down. In fact, we have recently created an entire room along these atmospheric lines, and now we want to focus on the last aspects. These last details are things we really prefer to do rather than buy, and one of the things we need is window treatment! At first we weren't sure if it would be a matter of "processing the windows of a country house", but we were pleasantly surprised when we went to look in the neat corners of the Internet.

If you're as interested in the idea of ​​your own DIY country house window treatment as we are, check out the top 15 ideas, designs, and tutorials we've come across so far for inspiration and information.

1. Wooden and coat hook country house curtain hanger

Wooden and coat hook country house curtain hanger

For example, did you initially have difficulty even finding window treatment or curtain rods in stores that really match the aesthetics you are going to meanwhile? We found that this is especially true of curtain rods. That's why we thought the idea of ​​this coat hook is so beautiful! Maria Louise models shows how to make a curtain hook system from wood and metal hooks, showing not only how to put it together, but also how to assemble and hang the curtains so that they sit properly.

2. Wrapping shading and chiffon curtains for farmhouse windows under $ 50

Wrap shadows and chiffon curtains for country house windows for under $ 50

Are you working on a small budget and looking for something a little lighter and more refined in its style? Then you could choose the path Nina Hendrika Assemble this folding shadow and chiffon curtain system with a very simple rod. The best part? The whole thing cost them less than $ 50 to buy all the pieces and put them together.

3. DIY country house style drip fabric curtains

Diy country house style drop fabric curtains

Do you feel pretty subtle thinking about classic curtain rods and curtains that are usually hung like these? do not have to do you have aesthetics, but don't you mind that in some way you add at least a little, but the charm of a country house to the curtains themselves? In that case, we definitely recommend looking at how Liz Marie's blog it did so through relevance, making these DIY country house style drip curtains themselves.

4. Rustic wooden window shutters

Rustic wooden window shutters

Is the window you are working on quite small? Well, if you ask us, it's not really a bad thing. We think that smaller windows are sometimes a great opportunity to create something really unique that would not be suitable for a larger frame. These stunning home-made, country house-style wooden shutters were sketched step by step Vintage News Junkie is a perfect example of what we think.

5. Natural greenery window wreath and half curtains

Natural green window wreath and half curtains

If you are going to turn all kinds of work into home-made window treatment, rather than buying something completely ready-made, would you rather design it as a decorative design rather than just a set of curtains? Then, especially if you like to add greenery to your rooms as well, maybe you would like to add some natural country charm by pairing a homemade green wreath with some old-fashioned curtains, such as Simple styles shows you how to proceed here.

6. Simple curtain curtains with side hooks

Lightly cover curains with side hooks

Do you really think so much about adding an old-fashioned country house aesthetic to one of the rooms, which is perfectly suitable for you if the idea of ​​style would be a little more open? In that case, we would for sure we recommend exploring this tutorial from Shingles house which teaches you step by step a surprisingly simple step on how to create your own curtains. They even show you how and where to install some side hooks to pull them off the road whenever you want.

7. Renewed wooden window valance with lace curtains

Renewed wooden window valance with lace curtains

Do you still think about how much you liked the loop, how to insert a piece of wood at the top of the window, but you are not actually looking to replace your curtain rod, as you saw before? Then maybe you better choose a DIY wooden window sash! Not only that Kristīna Marija will show you how to do it here, but they also provide tips on style, such as creating a stunning contrast by pairing it with fine lace curtains.

8. Sliding barn door window shutters

Sliding barn door window shutters

Are you really experienced in installing a larger house in your home and you are not afraid of any small challenge or a piece of communication unless it strengthens your desired aesthetics? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to provide these full-length barn door sliding window shutters, which are described in detail Ella Claire was inspired try it!

9. Drop fabric and painted pipes for country house curtains

Drop cloth and painted pipes for country house curtains

Do we almost draw your attention when we started talking about the idea of ​​creating a safe set of curtains, but you can't help thinking that you want to include a curtain pole somehow in appearance, because beauty is often in the details? In that case, we definitely invite you to look at how The beauty of ashes not only made their own drops from fabric curtains, but also made and assembled them with a curtain rod made of painted tube.

10. Collection of natural canvas curtains

Collection of natural canvas curtains

Do you still think that you think a lot about the folding curtains shown above, but you can't feel as if you also prefer a set made of a softer material than the bamboo sticks you see there? This version of the curtain raised at the bottom is actually collected, not rolled, but the action and the clear charm of the country house are very similar! Learn how they are made shockingly easily Author: Harringtons.

11. Prefabricated rug shades

Prefabricated rug shades

Just because you hope to include some data about a country house here and there in your home, doesn’t mean you have got to make everything distinctly rustic, weather-resistant and old-fashioned, right? Try adding a rug instead! We recommend looking at this type of training DIY mommy teaches you to use plaid fabric to create a prefabricated shade that lowers and rises when pulling or folding in layers as you drag.

12. Side-winding lace curtains and wing clamps

Lace curtains and wing clamps intertwined on the sides

Do we almost Do you feel confident about the idea of ​​lace curtains like the one we showed you before, but you're not sure you're fully sold, thinking of pairing them with a wooden window sill? Then here is another idea to consider. Check out how Ana Rosa allowed their lace curtains to slide easily or fold sideways, attaching them to their simple curtain rod using wing clamps.

13. Recognition of stripe roller tones with button details

When buying stripe roller tones with details on the buttons

Is much of your DIY experience about working with softer materials and fabrics, which means you expect a little more challenge when it comes to making some unique curtains for your windows? In that case, especially if you like fine details, we have the feeling that these ticker bar roller tones with small buttons will be right in your alley. Learn more about what they have done Painted hive.

14. Agricultural printed bag valances

Agricultural printed bag valances

Just in case you're not sure about the idea of ​​making something out of an envelope, but you're also interested in whether or not you can make the project look smooth. more just rustic, here is a great tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors it will help you do that! These farm-printed bag bag valances are actually even easier to make than we expected just before reading the project.

15. Assembled cover valance with galvanized metal cover and star details

Compiled cover valance with galvanized metal cladding and star details

Have you really noticed that you are still thinking about the assembled curtain idea that we showed you before, but when it comes to style, you are a little more eclectic, so you found this particular design little just for your taste? In that case, we are sure that you will get the real road out of the way Dirty Bobby not only made his own aggregate film window rating, but also created galvanized metal cladding and star parts to handle. Their training shows you how to make for all from it happens!

Do you know another cunning home decor lover whose country home chic home some of these pieces might look great? Share this message with them so they can add custom DIY charm to their windows too!

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