15 DIY Christmas Crafts. Kids could do

15 DIY Christmas Crafts. Kids could do

if there's one thing our kids can definitely list as the most exciting part of the whole winter season, especially around the holidays, it's Santa's arrival. It is not even that they simply love to receive gifts; we're pretty sure they would still be excited if all santa's brought them vegetables. Gifts are, of course, a total bonus, but our kids really love the idea of ​​a special guest and all the air of mystery surrounding Santa's story. Keeping in mind that they also love crafts, and we are always looking for new ways to combine homemade skills with other things they like, we have recently been keeping an eye out for great, child-friendly Christmas gifts they've never tried before.

In case you are just as interested as us, if not more, in finding some new Santa-themed articles for your kids to try out this holiday season, here are the 25 best ideas, designs and tutorials we come across so far in our quest!

1. Paper plate triangle Santa Claus

SEE IN GALLERYPaper plate triangle Santa Claus 15 DIY Santa Crafts. Kids could do

Paper craft is such a classic technique that we are still excited about it even as adults, because we remember that we love it as much as children. That's why we always try to make paper trays your own kids now! This adorable triangle and paper plate Santa Claus project was detailed I love cunning things is a perfect example of what we think.

2. Popsicle stick Santa decorations

SEE IN GALLERYPopsicle stick Santa ornaments 15 DIY Santa Crafts. Kids could do

When it comes to classic kids handicrafts that make us totally nostalgic and want to share with our kids … popsicle stick crafts are another favorite idea! If you've never tried popsicle stick craft with your kids, we would definitely suggest you look at how One small project in just a few simple steps these adorable popsicle Santa decorations were made.

3. Stained dough Santa Claus handprint decorations


Are the crafts that almost always make your children the happiest and most enthusiastic ones that allow them to shake hands and get dirty? Then we would be willing to bet that these DIY salt dough hand decorations for Christmas decorations will be a huge blow! This tutorial from A dirty little monster teaches you how to get it right from scratch to the last touch of a painted detail.

4. Lightweight paper star Santa


Are your little ones still young enough to have cut and pasted crafts as the cornerstone of their own diet, and they aren't as close to them yet? Then we think you're simple Required Keep this adorable star shaped Santa on a cold day on a cold day! Take a closer look at the steps below Buggie and friend to see how easy it can be.

5. Painted wooden slice Christmas decoration


Whether you buy ore-sized slices of wood from a craft store or cut them yourself from twigs in your yard, we think they are a stunning way to add some rustic details to your Christmas tree! Country style cottage is a great idea to get kids involved in making wooden slices, so they come here to show how they painted simple Santa faces and gave each one a little pom pom.

6. Cute popsicle stick and yarn bearded Santa Claus


Did we really get your attention when we started talking about popsicle stick crafts, but your kids are a little older and feel a little more challenging when they are agile? In that case, we have the feeling that you could be a little more successful with something like this triangular popsicle stick Santa with a paper hat and a thread loop beard! Learn more at Glued for my posts.

7. Crazy Christmas Dwarf Training


Do your kids seem to always pay more attention to the craft when they use all sorts of different materials and textures in the same piece? We also like projects like this, so we can't say we blame them. So we liked the concept of this adorable Santa, which is described in great detail Go to My Lou so many!

8. Cotton Ball and CD Santa Claus


For the most part, have we focused your attention on our brief discussion of craft, which is also a recycling option, but do you feel like you are re-planning only very random things? Well, if any of these things are an old CD or DVD and you can get your hands on a cotton ball bag, then you just have everything you need to make this funny Santa Claus from Nurses know best going on!

9. DIY Series Santa Crafts


If you are going to deliver something from your home, do you rather not use it from your kitchen? Well, if you are a baking enthusiast who loves to show off your goodies every time you carry them, then we would be willing to bet that you have paper boxes hidden in the back of the cabinet just like us! Take a better look at this adorable cut and paste a Santa Craft tutorial from S&S Blog to see how they use their old paperwood.

10. DIY felt cone Santa


In fact, have you almost always favored crafts from softer materials like fabric, and this is something you have been trying to pass on to your children lately, even though you would like them to know how to use all kinds of accessories? Well, if you have some red and white felt in your hand and a clear glitter glue, then we have the feeling that this lovely felt cone Santa has been put on nice and neat Rhinestone Beagle could be right in your alley!

11. Popcorn and paper Santa Claus


Are your children still small enough that one way to make sure they are sitting still is to make sure they have a snack at hand? Our younger kids are a lot alike, but we've had a lot of success lately, combining the two and letting them hold positions With their snack! This funny paper Santa with popcorn beard from Editing inspiration is a great example of what we think. Just make sure they don't accidentally eat any piece of popcorn that has glue on it!

12. Popsicle stick Santa ornaments


Do we almost Are you sure when we started talking about popsicle stick Santa but you have a miniature version in hand and do you think it would be more fun for your kids to create a multi-stick version? Then we are pretty sure Craft Patch is just an alternative training for you!

13. Nice paper and cotton Christmas mask


In case you still don't think about drawing with paper plates, but you also know that other obsessions of your kids other than crafting are playing with dresses, here's a great tutorial that combines the two! Check it out Fun 365On the page, we see how they made funny paper plate masks designed not only for Santa, but also for an elf and a snowman.

14. Terracotta Pot Santa


Are your favorite projects that you always do with your children that involve working together to transform and decorate something they may have only seen elsewhere in the house, in a completely different way? Then we would bet that this adorable sitting Santa, made from a painted and customized terracotta pot, would be right in your alley! Take a better look Country style cottage to see how it's done.

15. Newspaper Santa Crafts


Have you reached the bottom of our list feeling that you can get somewhere between helping your kids cut and paste posts and helping your kids do some recycling, but having trouble deciding which one is going on? Why not do both at the same time? Check out how I love cunning things made this Santa with a curly beard and a mustache, creatively working with old newspaper and magazine pages.

Have you made other cute Santa themed crafts with your kids that they liked but you don't see on our list here? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it, or link us to photos of your completed work in the comments section!

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